Beach Sunsets [Photography]

Hey everyone!

As promised, here’s a set of photos from a recent trip I took to the beach to watch the sunset. This, I believe, was the first time in my life that I actually saw the sun disappear over the horizon. Every other sunset I’ve watched has been blocked by buildings, mountains, or other features. So, this was a new experience for me. I appreciated it a lot, and I’m glad I went.

You all should go watch the sunset now too!

Take care of yourselves.


bright yellow and orange sun shining over the ocean
sun descending over the ocean horizon
sunlight reflecting over the sand
sunlight reflecting over the sand
bright glow of the sun in the darkening sky
brightly glowing sun descending over the ocean
bright round sun descending over horizon
glowing sun descending over the ocean with waves approaching shore
sun descending over ocean with approaching wave
sun descending over the ocean with waves crawling in
distant view of sun touching horizon over the ocean
sun slipping below the horizon
sun slipping below the ocean horizon
blue and purple post-sunset sky with dark trees in foreground
orange, yellow, purple post-sunset sky with dark tree in foreground

Photography in Canada

Hi! This is a short series of amateur photography from a recent trip through Quebec City, North Hatley, and Ottawa. All photos were taken on my phone with natural light, no editing, and no filters. If you’d like to share my photos or use them for your own purposes, please shoot me an email beforehand. Enjoy! – K

nighttime city lights over Quebec City
diagonal top-down shot of a waterfall
forest and greenery
greenery at the foot of a tree
empty park bench with forest in back
forest and greenery
lake water crawling over pebbles on the shore
river view with forest and greenery on both banks
squirrel perched in a tree looking at the camera
brightened photo looking into a cave
late afternoon sun over the city and river
small waterfalls and rock outcroppings with forest and greenery in back