White Butterflies

A silent moon that gives no answers
Falls to shatter at my feet,
A forest fire rages around me –
We’ve lost all semblance of control!
The waves crash steadily on a rising shore –
But tonight I don’t know what I’m dying for.

Across the planet youths hold hands
Joining voices in a single cry,
We paint our faces, change our clothes –
What other reaction can we give!
Together we promise the sun will rise –
Knowing the path to eternity is nothing but lies.

Our screams ring through the air
Electrifying gravity and time,
But every plea is met with hate –
How stupid can we be!
Thinking we can put a face to tragedy –
As if humans ever understood humanity.

A generation of children with no future
Grasps the crumbling world in their hands
But there is nothing they can do –
They can’t even save themselves!
We are butterflies cursed with an eternal migration –
And death may be our only salvation.