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hazy clouds over the trees after sunset

because if it’s any consolation,
there’s something there –
so he whispered in my ear
trailing the shadow that taunts me in the mirror,
I walked out the side door to lands we’ve lost our touch



twenty-four hoursin which everything could change —so fragile, so weak;we act as conquerors, butin hiding, depose ourselves.


amid the heat, welay on the floor, defeated —dry lightning crackles;new challenges every year,and our future still to come.

shattered asphalt

we seek to forgetall our broken promisesas the days go on;now, I wonder if everthey meant anything at all.

patterns of succession

every day that goes up in flames is a star that falls too early, a star that shines too late; poetry is a metaphor for reality, but they don’t tell you what to do when old metaphors become new truths, when ‘the earth is on fire’ becomes fact, and you’re faced with something – something…


beneath umbrellaspeople who gather, alonenow finding power;because the whole is more thansimply the sum of its parts…

living spirits

waiting for the daywhen we can meet again, Ifeel the hours pass;slipping through my fingers, thesemoments I cannot regain.

hollow men

ringing in my earsdrives out all thoughts and feelings —a river made clean;sometimes we don’t realizejust how empty we must be.

cloud cover

with no storm in sight,the cloud cover only grows —waiting for nothing;we gaze up at our own skies,searching for a better time.


gradients of lightbathe our nightly memories —never to return;I promised to let you go,and yet the known times have changed.

smoke screens

at this time of year,the hummingbirds start to danceand the bluebirds call;hidden within our cities,the patterns of yesterday.


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