Backyard Drama [Photography]

Hey folks, here’s a couple of photos from yesterday. As I was walking around the yard I came across a decently sized lizard who was feeling a bit territorial:

He chased after a smaller lizard who appeared nearby, but that smaller lizard quickly hid under the ledge of the jacuzzi!

I thought it was real smart and a pretty amazing thing to see.

Y’all take care now,


Drawing Cover Art [Sketches]

Hey all!

Given the completion of Taiga yesterday, I thought it’s a fair time to share a new side project I will be working on. I’m going to get back to drawing and sketch some character art/cover art for my writing projects. I haven’t done any serious drawing in a long time, so there’s gonna be a learning or re-learning curve here, but let’s just see how it goes.

The following are the first two panels of me working out ideas for Taiga‘s cover art (big jump from #1 to #2, hey!):

preliminary sketch, panel 1: shadowy figure in rain, wreathed in lines of sheet music and ribbon coming from nearby knife
preliminary sketch, panel 2: viewer-facing figure with mouth covered by lines of music, knife dripping blood that becomes ribbon around the figure's arm, book title and author's name

The next few panels will probably be pretty similar to #2, just cleaning it up and maybe adding a thing or two; don’t know if I’ll share those if they end up being basically the finished product. I’ve never been very good at drawing, it’s just kind of a fun thing and entertaining to sometimes publish things I do that aren’t writing. Final artworks will be used as featured images on all published parts of the book as well as thumbnails for the longer works page – noticed I need more images on the blog, loads of writing can get pretty bland!

Well, that’s all for now. You all take care of yourselves.


Everything is a Symbol [Crafts]

Hi all,

Here’s a wood ornament I painted and drew yesterday. My dear friend K and I have been doing a lot of crafts like these recently.

Here’s a question: who do you think the two people on the ornament are? It’s completely subjective, like most things. Every person will interpret it differently. As for me, well, who can say? Let’s save that story for another day.

Thanksgiving is approaching. Everyone be safe traveling home.