Hi! This is a simple personal blog to mainly showcase my writing pieces. Currently on a writing hiatus due to personal/family issues, I can’t bring myself to write right now. New pieces publish sporadically, with liner notes going live on Sundays for the previous week’s worth of published material. Serial/annual/compiled works are collated on the Longer Works page. Contact info: kohaku.toran@gmail.com.

“I wanted to die in a place where no one knew of me, where no one would care about my death and no one would remember me afterwards…”


Kohaku Toran (陳琥珀)

Queer, non-binary, Taiwanese American

Introvert, author, poet, musician, storyteller, artist

Minimalism, environmentalism, mental health, human rights, world peace

Realistic optimist, lifelong student, lifelong dreamer

On a quest to discover how to live.

It’s just a dream, but it’s not, he said.

Of course not. It never was.

Thank you for reading my work.

Never forget to take care of yourself and those you love.

Teach your children to make art, not war –

and remember to take human beings one at a time.