firelight in summer

     the days are getting longer now,
and I can hear the burning roar;
eating away at the boards beneath us,
     the flames turn strange colors in the night –
and your shadow in the firelight is blinding.
     whoever said we won’t live forever?
even spirits have nightmares now and then;
you shade your eyes against the falling stars,
     and watching you, I realize –
there won’t ever be another time like this.
     this bridge we stand hovers over a chasm of nothing,
an empty void mistaken for hell;
but my memories of that place still end in warmth,
     and the music behind us is unstoppable –
so when we fall, how bad can it be?
     the heat around us grows in tandem
and the stars, they start to dance;
flickering with what-ifs and what-could-have-beens,
     your eyes reflect my past and future selves
and our nightly tragedy becomes another chance –
     another chance to bravely fall,
another chance to die;
     another chance to become immortal,
another chance to rise.

For my friend, E. Happy birthday.

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