preface and afterword

A-side: typhoon and aftermath

the sky
electric, like your hair
in brilliant colors that i think should not exist
the clouds wash across us,
covering the canvas as if it were a mistake,
my mistake
and it was
when i let go of your hand tonight

she says she dreams in black-and-white
but my brain has been drowned in color
you never feared the flood that came, and now,
now i think i know why
they were safe for you, those colors
they were home
you saw yourself when i saw you
and i saw you then swimming away

now, i look up at the sky
and the electric shade is still there
i know i am the only one who can see it
my personal treasure, something
you left behind for me
everyone else looks out in the darkness to see stars
and takes solace in their light
but i look out in the darkness to see you
and these remnants of another time:

fragments of your hair, still falling in slow-motion
waiting to be caught
by none other
than me

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