i see the darkness

A-side: i see the light

i see the darkness
swirling like spring current
coating the top of the sea, the space where
it is molten
not like chocolate
like glass
and it has to come from somewhere but i know
i know where it is coming from
and i do not want it to end

there is something
in the way i picture your face
in the way your voice is so familiar
when it is jammed through an audio receiver,
there is something
in the little jump my heart makes
when i see a new message,
and realize it’s not you
and i could almost laugh
like a man in exile, i laugh

some days i laugh at molten glass
and the bitter taste in my mouth when i worry
because the darkness is so bright it is blinding
and i think i am the only one
with eyes left to see it
it’s a comical tragedy, i know
stand-up at the end of the world
but i am so happy

i am just so happy

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