L/N: July 6-11, 2020


Tanka・July 6, 2020・Full Text

This piece is about our deep-seated tendency as humans to destroy ourselves. For the short-term effects of experiencing pleasure and masking pain, we do many things that we know are harmful to us – and then we look back at the event afterwards and some of us wonder, “Why did I do that?” while others say, “Let’s go again.” It goes beyond Americans releasing so many Fourth of July fireworks that the air pollution the next day is insane, but this is just one example.


Prose-Poetry・July 7-8, 2020・Part IPart II

This prose-poetry collection will explore human nature and human storytelling in relation to environmental destruction and climate change. With that in mind, much of the text is fairly straightforward. I don’t seek to create anything in these prose-poems that is necessarily new or profound – it is simply an attempt to put into words the feelings I have about this topic that other genres can’t communicate.

lessons of attention

Tanka・July 9, 2020・Full Text

If we pay attention to the natural world around us, there is much we can learn. We often tend to think that we are so smart, so brilliant, so much better than the rest of nature, that we ignore all the intensely significant pieces of wisdom contained within it. With the natural world vanishing nowadays at an incredible rate, I think it would be disappointing and saddening if more people do not start to open their eyes.


Tanka・July 10, 2020・Full Text

In seeking out the best way to live, should we try to live as though today is our last day, or should we try to live on the assumption of tomorrow? Sometimes, I think, the answer is both. They are not so contradictory as they seem. As you go about your life, do not make avoidable regrets – you never know when you or someone you love will die, or when something catastrophic may suddenly happen – but part of avoiding avoidable regrets necessitates caring for things in the long-term. Make sure that one, five, ten years from now, you will have a place to go to, you will have people to love, people will want to love you, and your children will have a good and safe world to live in. Sometimes, we feel unmoored in time and space, but for those of us who cannot go back, it is important to keep looking and moving forward.

sky watcher

Free Verse・July 11, 2020・Full Text

This poem is about the memories, the feelings, the space between people who are living and dead. Thinking of friends who are now gone, and “the good old days,” speaking to you at your gravestone, and speaking towards you at the stars… there is so much I want to tell you, and I miss you like you would not believe, and so much has happened and not all of it has been good but I tried, I did my best, you know I did my best, except we both know that I didn’t and now everything is falling to pieces and I just want to gaze into your eyes again, to hear your warm voice again, to be wrapped up in your embrace again so that I’ll forget this stupid heartbreaking mess and just be happy – this is the heart of the story.

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