A-side: Collision Course

that’s something new, I think,
did I really make such a mistake?
I’m sitting now at the top of the world,
looking at everything below –

and tell me,
why did I give it to you?

I meant it as a present and you turned it into a weapon,
a birthday gift transformed into a nuke;
short-minded and oblivious, you chased after “progress”
turning on the treadmill to your doom.
you meant the best, but intentions don’t matter –
at least they don’t anymore;
my data doesn’t lie, so don’t deny,
I gave you fire and you burned me with it!

holding a broken mirror in one hand, you happily pour the gas,
drawing a perfect sphere around your globetrotting feet.
I watch from above as you build your future out of ash –
and put your children in it because it’s just not your problem, you
might as well have stolen from me
because I never gave you the fuel, I didn’t give you the gift
for you to utterly destroy it like this…
well, my mistake. I guess I’ll be the bigger man this time.

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