Collision Course

creatures who believe that they are gods are worse than demons.

creatures who don’t realize that they are demons are worse than gods.

open your eyes and watch the music playing before you,

and tell me what you see…

dripping from the hilt, your tears
as the world lights up in color;
reaching for a power more explosive than dynamite,
you scream out your willingness to live.

but therein lies the problem, stranger,
it was never for you to decide;
these billions of gods and the spirits who possess them –
can’t you see? you’re powerless!
you’d better stop dreaming or it’ll turn into a nightmare –
so take my words to heart now
put your back to the sun and shatter every mirror,
every single mirror in that wretched house you live.

floating from day to day, you embrace unease
unaware of the shadows moving behind you;
you just want to live, live how you want to live –
ignoring the “one-way” and “no thru traffic” signs.

but didn’t you see the other day,
that beautiful pool in your backyard?
coming for a drink, it was the birds who saw the first ripple
drowning in chlorine-rinse as it turned into waves;
stare into the water and you can’t even see yourself anymore!
and don’t even think about swimming in it –
this artificial world you’ve made is toxic even to you,
you who keeps repeating that “the show must go on”.

don’t fool yourself with all your “expertise,”
even musicians don’t always realize when the music has stopped.
lying on your deathbed, you still believe you can save yourself,
blinded by the ash-driven sunset outside your window.

you take solace in the year-long symbols of your ignorance,
your beliefs as steady as the rising ocean waves –
and you repeat the lies to your children,
who have never seen the color “green,”
who will never know a school of “peace”.
what’s wrong with you?
drawn in by the trap of luxury and ease,
you can’t even see you’ve been caged.

you can’t even see you’ve been caged,
yet you’re perfectly content staring into the mirror
and believing that all life is happy…

I won’t call you a fool.

After all, who among you would listen to me?

B-side: Prometheus

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