Mayflies ~tombstone notes and funeral jokes~

the light breeze blows between us
carrying our memories away
and as I search the sky for your reflection, I
can’t help but call your name endlessly

laughter is still contained within these walls,
the grounds we roamed in our youth
and as I walk them alone now I think to myself
“laughing at a funeral shouldn’t be taboo…”
it’s better than holding back tears

a note laid on your tombstone
signed 「またね〜」
and the tears of your countrymen
saying “we’re sorry, we could not save you…”
no matter the situation, I’ll find peace and walk away

the wail of a guitar sparks joy in our lives
and in the end, your song is left on replay
we cry out and smile and hold our hands,
and the off-season blooms carry on

these leaves and flowers will still rain down in our wake
to be ground up beneath thousands of waiting feet
returning to the earth, returning to beginnings
to create new life again

and even if mayflies glimpse their futures in the flames,
there is nothing unfair to condemn –
because if we are all born on a path towards death,
then we must also be dying on a path towards birth.

so let me laugh for you again, today
and hear your voice ringing through the halls
correct our old, overused lies
of “eternal sleep” and “never to return”
and spraypaint 「またね〜」over our hearts

there will be another time, it’s not a tragedy
and I don’t expect an answer
but if that answer comes, you know
I’ll be here waiting –

waiting with a smile on my face,
and laughing just loud enough to hear it.

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