Zuihitsu #37

Universal justice and one way of life –
Science as religion and personality traits as inherent.
When we believe in absolutes we become blind to reality.

We hold up our science as Truth –
     blind to the biases and corruption and conflicts of interest
     ignorant of other explanations, other ways of life
     refusing to notice the thousand side effects listed in small print
          like a commercial for Westernization – or Americanization –
          that plays endlessly on all available channels...

We herald universal Justice –
     when such a thing does not exist
     when such an ideal brings harm
          to those who do not live the same way
          to those who are victimized by our hate
          to ourselves, who claim the role of gods…

We were never gods, or spirits, either – collectively we do not deserve them.

And that, too, is a blind universal.

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