『Best Tanka Collection ~Season of Change~ 』

painted dreams

color-changing leaves,
painting now my destiny –
the wry smile I show;
my internal haunting, now
self-fulfilling prophecy.

beating memories

at that sandy shore
where I left my soul behind –
time has come and gone;
the season’s hesitation
like the clock within my heart.


stardust in the sea
wash across nocturnal eyes –
is there beauty still?
living within a lie, this
inescapable torment.

dimensions of love

dimensions of love –
side-by-side to sleep or wake,
we gaze at our skies;
like incandescent feathers,
your heart-shattering presence.



the sound of thunder
ever swiftly returning
to eternity;
in that single instant I
I can only think of you.

and you looked into my eyes

bracing autumn winds —
as if we were, I smiled,
trying not to cry;
and you looked into my eyes
and you told me to let go.

As If “You And I”

like the shifting sand
the time blurs into my eyes —
as if “you and I”…
chasing our reality,
in this world we make our own.


waiting for this lie
to self-destruct and vanish
like a falling star;
condemned for eternity,
I forever watch this path.

Chasing Eternity

working day and night
for a future I can’t see —
leaf-blown fantasy;
still chasing the horizon
that will never end for me.


a long journey’s end —
collapsing beneath the stars,
that light which guides me;
to the warmth of one’s own home,
finally able to rest.

begging, drowning

gasping for our breaths,
we’re drowning in this ocean —
of tears, of silence;
begging for another chance
that is not our chance to give.

waiting for another world

grasping at straws, I’m
waiting for another world –
hoping, then falling;
as the seasons turn the tides
within the fire in my heart.

burning borders

burning, falling trees
that exist just here and now –
is it then my time?
to move from zero to ten,
to grasp this, our world, anew?

blurring edges

of the slowly rising sun —
dreamy summer days;
closing my eyes and praying
for the seasons to return.


the air in my chest
caught between rhythms of death
like the halting wind;
chasing after my own dreams —
at least, that’s what I believed.


we knew it would come
but we thought we had more time –
so goes history;
now, in our separate lives
we reach out for what we’ve lost.


as the dark ash blows
and her eyes begin to close —
how can we still love?
even in times such as these,
even in this cursed place?


seeing your shadow
is like a dream to me now —
a misty autumn;
who would have thought, after all,
that you would now live again?


falling one by one
we are embraced by the waves
that first gave us life;
without feeling abandoned
we walk homeless and alone.


wandering alone
in the moment the rain stops
the beautiful sky;
brought to life by your music,
the scene that haunts me tonight.

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