speaking to convince myself that everything’s alright
that everything was somehow just meant to be, I cry
out for the dreamers and the believers
and those who stand on the wrong side of the bridge,
which might as well be right this time
you call me from within but I won’t listen
I know what happens when I listen to you, and I
I don’t make mistakes twice because we can’t afford it
because we’ve already made too many
because my heart and brain can’t take it anymore
I know the forms you take, the times you strike
but I won’t fight you
we can’t take it anymore
I call out with the breaking day to announce victory
but it diminishes within the scale of self-inflicted war
a war we’re doomed to lose because we’ve lost
any semblance of ourselves, because we’ve said
that everything would be fine, because we gave
in to our demons, because I give in to you
and because I give in to you, I both win and lose
so there is no meaning except my choice, my choice
to face you and not fight another day,
my choice to suffer and live and love.

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