Entry #44 – Site Revamp

原発が吹き飛ぼうとも 少年が自爆しようとも
その横で僕ら 愛を語り合う

– RADWIMPS, 「あいとわ」
lyrics from lyricstranslate

Hey all, Haku here, how’s everyone doing?

For this week, my main focus was revamping the blog website. I started working on it at the beginning of the week, and the majority of the updates rolled out last night. For today’s journal entry, I’m going to provide an overview of the changes I made and will make going forward 🙂

Why the Changes?

  • In terms of site design and the content of some pages, I was feeling like some of the stuff wasn’t really genuine to who I am and the reasons why I put this blog up in the first place, so I edited or eliminated them.
  • I wanted more control over the design and aesthetics of some areas of the site, so I needed to make some changes in order to do that.
  • I also wanted to make some adjustments to improve accessibility.

Two Things To Note

  1. I’m getting close to 400 posts on the blog. Because of that large quantity, for purposes of time and productivity efforts, I have not retconned all the changes all the way through to post #1. Most of the changes to individual posts went in only for the last couple months’ worth, and some only for the last couple weeks. Over the summer, I may go in and retcon and clean up everything, but it’s not something I’m really going to worry about right now, especially given the fact that the site will probably continue to evolve and change over time.
  2. For page- and site-wide changes, I tried to go in and do checks to make sure that all links and tabs are still working correctly, but I might have missed something. Let me know in the comments or in email if you find anything that doesn’t work right!

Overview of Site Updates

  • New About page.
  • New Longer Works page. Content is now collated by year.
  • The Daydreams, Zuihitsu, Poetry, Short Stories, Gallery, and Journal Entries tabs are now full pages instead of categories.
  • Added alternative text for almost all self-shot images anywhere on the blog.
  • Added images and quotes from some of my work across all blog pages.
  • Eliminated all widgets.
  • Set featured images for gallery posts.
  • Added manual excerpts for poetry posts and journal entries. Excerpts for poetry posts begin with their poem type in brackets, e.g. [Tanka] or [Free Verse], along with the first line of the poem. Excerpts for journal entries exclude the epigraph.

I might continue to make a few more changes into next week. My main focus right now, though, is finishing Chasing Life With You. Everybody take care, let me know how the site updates look!


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