because if it’s any consolation,
there’s something there –
so he whispered in my ear
       trailing the shadow that taunts me in the mirror,
       I walked out the side door to lands we’ve lost our touch
       there I found faces, uncounted, unrecognized
       laying where they had fallen though some of them had still moved
       and those crimson tears turned to ice upon their cheeks, I stared
       as the off-season snow gently erased all signs of war
       and with them all signs of life
       somebody has to clean up after us, I knew, but I didn’t know
       because they don’t tell you...
they don’t tell you that the aftermath of death can be so beautiful.


because if it’s any consolation,
there’s something there –
so they said to me that day
       watching you disappear and reappear
       like some sort of phantom or ghost, possessed
       if possession means to take care of me
       the way you stared perfectly expressionless
       and snatched the bill out of my hands, the way
       you turned to check your footprints
       to see if I was still there even if I wasn’t
       and the silence when you were hurting still one-sided, because
       this time you weren’t important...
I don’t know how you kept me alive.


because if it’s any consolation,
there’s something there –
so he sang from his heart to mine
       watching you spiral in the depths of your love
       because you felt your emotions too much
       because you needed something others could not give, you
       made these perfect songs
       these perfect, painful, healing songs
       that have made you immortal, but I’m sorry
       that the love of millions could not save you
       that people following in death could not bring you back alive
       because your wounds ran too deep for even you to heal yourself…
but still from the sky you heal us – and we don’t stop to wonder why.


because if it’s any consolation,
there’s something there –
so they said in a single breath
       gazing into the windows of your soul
       and keeping perfect time
       the way we breathe in unison, the way
       our hearts beat in unison
       as the words pour out through our multiplied voices
       and wreathe, alive, around millions of waiting eyes
       this is the way when you say “I cannot do this alone”
       because there is power here when there is two
       and if a whole is not just the sum of its parts…
there is no longer any point in trying to quantify it.


because if it’s any consolation,
there’s something there –
so she murmured as she died
       I went for you to forbidden lands
       questing for something I did not know
       and as the waves lapped at my feet I reached
       for the light of long-gone stars that reached me
       for the endless expanse that beckons
       because it is not only life and death that beckons
       and as the setting sun transformed the sky and sea
       to a wildfire almost instantly put out, I cried
       knowing that there’s something in nature that humans can’t contain...
but when it comes to this feeling, we can’t even contain ourselves. 

This mini-compilation is paired with the B-side extended poem Meditations: Read Here

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