Entry #38 – Synchronicity Reflection


lyrics from JPopAsia

Hey all, Kohaku here. I hope everyone is doing well. I haven’t been great mentally and emotionally this week, but I’m positive things will get better for all of us. It’s been raining so much…

The last part of Synchronicity came out on Monday – how did everyone like it? Synchronicity is a story that I think you need to read all in one sitting to get the most impact and meaning out of it. Each part is short, anyway, so it’s not like it would take that long. But anyhow, if you only read a few parts piecemeal, or if you didn’t read it at all, I recommend going back now and reading it at once from start to finish. And then, if you haven’t before, read the short story Affinity. They’re paired, like A-side and B-side tracks, in a way, and I do think there is something to be gained from reading them together. With this project I was trying to convey something that is difficult to put into words, something that might not even be totally clear after reading both stories, so I would love to hear your thoughts on what you took away from it afterwards.

I think that’ll probably be it for this entry. Really, this week was so bland and numb I sat down to write thinking “I’ve got nothing.” I’m going to do my best to heal and take care of myself – you all do too. Hopefully our art will catch up.

Lots of love,


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