Entry #36 – Finishing Taiga

世界は疲れたって 僕にはもう無理だって

– Radwimps, 「カイコ」
lyrics from bambooXZX

Hey folks, it’s Haku. I hope everyone is safe, healthy, and well. So much has happened, but at the same time nothing seems to be happening at all – I’ve been getting this weird contradictory feeling recently.

As far as writing goes, I got a lot done this week. On Thursday I published the final chapter of Taiga, hooray! I’m really pretty happy with how the ending turned out, and I’m a bit sad to be putting it down. Probably should have made the final chapter into an epilogue, but oh well, 10 is a nice number. For anyone who followed this story all the way to the end, please let me know what you think!

After I finished Taiga, I kind of ran out of gas. Getting that fifth part of Synchronicity out yesterday was a real pain. I think it’s more related to changes in my physical and emotional health than anything, but anyway, I’m going to try to get back up on my feet this week. Not too sure how much quality time I’ll have to write, but I’ll do my best as always – you all too.

It’s a particularly difficult time right now for a lot of us. From my perspective, I think the most important thing right now is for us to take care of each other. Be human, and remember how to love. And for ourselves, let’s not waste the time we have. Not much happens in quarantine, but there’s still so much you can do – you just have to look.

I think that’s all I’ve got for today. Everyone take care. Let’s all love and do our best.

Until next time,


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