All There Is Left

the raindrops slide against the windowpane,
your glassy eyes shed tears;
silently, we hold our hands
and strain for something real.
music bursts forth from our hearts
as breathing grows shallow from hatred;
our world throbs from smothered pain,
but all we can do is love.
the seabirds soaring inland share our deep heartache,
they scream to give us voice;
you lay your head against my shoulder,
and it’s all we can do to love.
we try not to remember because the past makes us hurt
we try not to think because the present is no better;
I put my forehead to yours with soft grace,
and all there is left is our love.
the world cannot contain this compassion of mine
on this day, it’s not as fragile as a human body;
you kiss me gently, your eyes dark and full and unraveling,
and the best we can do is still love.
all we want is to live
to live and love again
and we will find a way.
we always remember this, today.

Dedicated to all those affected by the tragedy of 3/11… and to everyone who still remembers, who still yearns, who still tries to live and love again.

May these messages of hope one day be not necessary.

I love you all.


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