Entry #30 – Dinner Party #3

I have no plan but that’s alright
Can you trust me when I’m mad
Have no time to set things right
Can you love me when I’m sad

– HYDE, “Midnight Celebration”
lyrics from Genius

Hey folks, it’s Kohaku. How are you doing? Hopefully this week has treated you well. Everything seems to be stacking up again… you all make sure to take care of yourselves. Do something that makes you happy today.

Well, this is the thirtieth journal entry, which means it’s time for the third installment of my Dinner Party Project. For those who haven’t seen them and want to read them, here are links to the first two:
Dinner Party #1 (contains full explanation of the project and its history)
Dinner Party #2

If you haven’t come across this project before, and don’t want to check out the earlier versions, here’s a short obligatory blurb:
“The basic premise is to keep a list of 10 famous people whom you admire or respect, people who inspire you in your daily life and work. Then, track how this list changes over time. There are some new people on it this time around, because, as always, I’ve been actively seeking out new inspirations and learning about new things. These new inspirations replaced some of the old ones, to keep the list at 10, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like or draw inspiration from those old people anymore. The Dinner Party project is just a snapshot of the 10 people who are most inspiring to you at this particular moment.”

Alright, here we go with my third list. As before, new entries are bolded, and all names are linked to their websites/Wiki pages. In no particular order:

  1. Yuzuru HANYU (羽生結弦)
  2. Yoshiki (林佳樹)
  3. Hans LINDAHL
  4. GACKT (大城 ガクト)
  5. Holland (고태섭)
  6. Hayao MIYAZAKI (宮崎駿)
  7. Jonathan VAN NESS
  8. Haruki MURAKAMI (村上春樹 )
  9. Yojiro NODA (野田洋次郎)
  10. Chachamaru (藤村幸宏)

What do you guys think? Anyone familiar?

If you haven’t heard of any of these people, I definitely recommend doing a quick bit of research to learn more about them. These people aren’t on here just because “I like their music” or other surface reasons of that kind; they’ve gotten onto my top 10 because of something much more meaningful. So, do check them out when you’ve got the time.

What about you all? What does your Dinner Party list look like right now? Who would be on it, and why?

Take care of yourselves. Lots of love and many hugs. I’m hoping this week will be better than the last.


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