Entry #29 – Haku’s Love Life?!…

只要能在夜里 翻来覆去的时候有寄托

– JJ Lin, “她说”
lyrics from MusicAcrossAsia

Hey everyone, Kohaku here. How was your week?

Gosh, a lot has happened since last week’s journal… I don’t even know what to say. I guess I’m struggling with my love life. It’s kind of crazy and I don’t really want to talk about it, since I haven’t really discussed my love life at all on this blog and I’m still trying to process what has happened, but anyway I thought I’d just mention that stuff has been going on and that’s why I might seem to be not totally present as a writer right now. Sorry if some of the things I’ve been putting out have not really been up to par with my usual work. I’m going to try to get back to my normal headspace in the coming days.

At any rate, as you may have noticed, I decided to start my journal entries from now on with a quote from a song or poem or something that reflects my current mood. I’ll try it for a few times and see how I like it. I’m probably not always going to discuss the song, but this is the first time, so why not? This week’s song, “她说” (“She Says”), is by Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin. One of my high school friends introduced me to his music a few years back, and I really loved his poetic lyrics and lyrical style. I haven’t been listening to very much Mandarin or Taiwanese-language music recently, but as I mentioned in my last journal entry, I was binging Autumn’s Concerto last weekend and that got me back into a lot of Taiwanese songs I hadn’t listened to in forever. I feel like the four lines I quoted up there really reflect my ridiculous love life struggles right now. (If you don’t understand Mandarin and you want to know what they say, you can click on the citation and that will take you to the site I copied the lyrics from, which also has an English translation.)

Anyway, while I do my best on my end to figure my life out, let’s keep moving on. Next week’s journal entry, being the 30th, will be the third installment of my Dinner Party project. A week or two after, I’ll have another poetry compilation ready to publish. I’ll also be working on a project I began spontaneously this week without any announcement; it’s called Love Letters to the World We Made, and the first part came out on Friday. As far as I can tell right now, it’s going to be mainly prose/prose-poetry, and each part will be essentially a non-traditional “love letter” to someone who has massively influenced my life. I’m actually pretty excited to work on it. It’s going to mean a lot of introspection and reflection for me, but as I’ve been reminded by recent events, it’s about time. Anyway, look forward to whenever the next part comes out, and hopefully it’ll shape up into a nice collection by the time it’s done.

I’d better get to work on these projects! You all take care of yourselves. Talk to you again soon.


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