Entry #28 — Why’d I Stay Up So Late?

Hey all, it’s Kohaku. How are you doing? Is everything okay?

I’m so tired… we stayed up late last night binging the first six episodes of Autumn’s Concerto. It’s a great Taiwanese drama that makes me really nostalgic because of how much my family and I watched it when I was a kid. It’s interesting watching it once again having grown older, because I notice the intricacies of the character development and cinematography a lot more, but I feel like Netflix edited it strangely because the music transitions and some scene transitions are all out of wack in a way I don’t remember them being. But it’s still really enjoyable anyhow. Check it out if you’re interested, it’s worth it!

What kind of shows and movies did you all grow up on? For me, the Studio Ghibli films and dramas like this one left the most impressions, so they have a really nostalgic feel to them when I watch them again. It’s always interesting going back to the things that captivated you as a kid. You might find some new piece of wisdom in there that your younger self sensed but couldn’t yet articulate.

Well, I had more to say, but like I said I’m incredibly tired and I think I’m going to crash. Everyone take care of yourselves. Cherish the people you love, and keep moving forward.

Until next time,


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