“If I could tell you one thing, I’d say… you’ll never be alone.”

We lay on the floor side-by-side, quietly gazing upwards into nothing. Soon, everything we had would cease to be. And we knew it.

We were just waiting to see who would die first.

Sela breathed, slow and rhythmic, her sharp mind turning in ways familiar to me. I thought about our life together – everything we were, everything we could have been if not for tonight. There was no use dwelling on now-impossible dreams, but I couldn’t help myself. And I was sure Sela was doing the same.

“Haku,” she said after a while. Her voice was soft and thin, holding none of her usual strength.

“Yes?” I replied.

“Does it hurt?” she asked.

“No. You?”


I blinked slowly, letting out a partial sigh. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay.”

“Sela, tell me something.”

“What’s that?”

“Just tell me something.”

She wasn’t sure what I was asking, and I wasn’t either. I guess I just wanted to hear her voice.

She thought about it for a few moments, then began, “If I could tell you one thing, I’d say… you’ll never be alone. Even when I’m gone, even when you’re gone, even when all of this has gone away… you’ll never be alone.”

It wasn’t a promise – it was a fact. I processed her words silently.

“Thank you,” I said after a while.

She didn’t say another word.

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