Can’t Wait Anymore

waiting for you, I take
       time off the ends of my life
       shaving down the rough edges
that for us, translated into being “normal”…
              as I wake
       the moon still gazes in my eyes
       breathing patience for my one true life
but I can’t wait, I say
       I can’t wait anymore
I’ll walk the glass-strewn path that equates to “me”
       if it means being happy
              if it means we can be happy
together someday, today
in a world that will share our love
       a world that will take the look in your eyes
              the pain and sadness of a product that didn’t pass quality control
       and turn it into open hearts
       open hearts and open arms –
for this world I’ve been waiting for, I can’t wait anymore… 
but I’ll wait for you.
once I’m there, I’ll wait for you.