Zuihitsu #35

Isn’t there something wrong here?

Many things, actually. It’s not hard to see. There will always be things that are wrong – our lives will never be perfect. But that fact shouldn’t deter us from trying to fix the wrong things and make them right.

For one thing,
Aren’t people too impatient?
They are too easy to push to the edge
Too easy to get them yelling
As if they have no time
As if they can’t conceive of the possibility
that those around them might be human…
But then,
is it so hard to realize a person’s humanity?
is it so hard to project into another person’s life?
once we realize our inevitable deaths,
don’t we then really have all the time in the world?

Impatience is something I see no good use for.
And I don’t think it’s so very hard to overcome.
Just use that brain of yours,
and go on living.

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