Entry #12 – Natural Disasters, 「HIRAETH」 Reflection, 「C.U. Again」 Releases Tomorrow

Hi everyone, it’s Kohaku. I hope you all had a good week!

Is everyone safe from the typhoon and earthquake in Japan? As well as the wildfires and power shutoffs in the western US? Hopefully we will all be able to recover soon. Remember to always take care of your loved ones as best you can – and don’t forget to show and tell how much you love them. Disasters like these can strike at any time.

We can really learn a lot from such events. Beyond just giving attention to and loving each other, natural disasters remind us to not grow too attached to material things. In essence, they preach minimalism. Our homes, our cars, all of our possessions, can get burned or swept away in an instant. And once we’re reduced to almost nothing, we realize that we didn’t need so many of the trappings of consumer-based society in the first place – we can survive and be content without all of that. Even without a house, or without a car, we can still find ways to live fulfilling lives. It’s certainly going to be much more difficult, especially in a society and culture based on materialism. But it’s doable, and it can be argued that life is actually much richer this way. In the end, we find that the only things that really matter are intangible and come from within – our contentment, and our relationships with the people whom we love.

The poetry compilation 「HIRAETH」 was released this past Monday. Has everyone read it yet? On the surface, 「HIRAETH」 has to do with feelings of homelessness. Natural disasters like wildfires or typhoons often leave many people without homes. Sometimes this is temporary, and other times it’s relatively permanent. But either way, displaced people are left grappling with abstract questions of what it means to have a home in the first place. What exactly is a home? What is homesickness? Why does homesickness hurt so much?

What if you feel homesick even though you already have a home?

Homesickness is about more than just a physical house, right? 「HIRAETH」 has to do with feelings like this. And it’s very, very personal and important to me. I hope everybody enjoyed the poems in it. Let me know what you thought.

My next poetry compilation, 「C.U. Again」, is going to be published tomorrow. The theme in this one is also very important to me. I’ll touch on it in my next journal entry. Until then, everyone please stay safe.

This week, think about what you can learn from the world around you. “Sometimes good things initially manifest as bad things, and sometimes bad things initially manifest as good things, and you can’t really tell which is which.” Isn’t that right? Natural disasters and other events that cause suffering and tragedy contain important life lessons for those who are willing to listen.

Take care of yourself~


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