Entry #9 – 「DOUBLE-SIDED」Reflection, Writing Plans

Hi everyone, Kohaku here. I hope you all had a great week!

Over the past few days, all of the poems in 「DOUBLE-SIDED」have been published. What did you think? Was there anything that stood out to you?

I think this was a really good project for me. It’s definitely not my best work, but I learned a lot from it, and that’s generally the most important thing. So in the end, I’m happy.

Now, what should I do next…?

I’m going to get back to working on To Walk in the Footsteps of Angels. I posted the prologue a long time ago but nothing else. A few days back I started reading old drafts of the book… it makes my heart hurt! This is one project I’ve been working on for many years, so it’s really important to me. I’m going to get back on it. Hopefully soon I’ll have something to show for all the hours I’ve poured into this story.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting short poems, daydreams, serial updates, and maybe some photography, as usual.

This week, everyone please give some thought to that one project you started ages ago but never finished. Maybe you’ll want to pick it up again. It may not seem worth it, and that’s for you to decide, but I’m a firm believer that effort will never truly be in vain. Just follow your heart, give your 120%, and keep moving forward.

Take care of yourself!


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