「DOUBLE-SIDED」Azure Dragon

NEGOTIABLE ~because I promised, it’s okay~

call me in the middle of the night,
whisper your silent plea
“I need you… I’m sorry…”
don’t be sorry, love
we all need someone, don’t we?

it’s okay, it’s okay, I’ll show you it’s okay
even in the middle of the night
‘cause sleep is always negotiable
didn’t I tell you my life is negotiable?
for the people whom I love…

I’ll show you the meaning of kindness, you’ll see
l’ll answer all of your prayers, if you let me
the world has turned its back on people like you
but I won’t
I promise I won’t

right now your horizon is full of dark storm clouds
but I’ll show you that rain brings life, too
right now you’re stuck in a blinding blizzard
but I’ll show you that spring is right around the corner
won’t you believe me?

it’s okay to need someone,
to listen to someone,
to believe in someone,
‘cause that’s how human beings are
hey, I’ll be that “someone” any day

I’ll show you the meaning of kindness, you’ll see
l’ll answer all of your prayers, if you let me
the world has turned its back on people like you
but I won’t
I promise I won’t…

and you know I don’t break my promises, right?

Angel’s Payment

you’ve no need to worry
trust in my words, that’s all
I’m the strongest being on the planet
who could rival me?

besides, you’ve done good deeds
it’s not like the world is cruel
ruled by a balance just and fair
you’ll be rewarded. trust me.

from afar I’m always watching
I know everything you’ve done
now let’s look back and see
what it is you’ve earned, shall we?

from the beautiful city I saw
the way you served your love
from the waterfall I saw
your daily sacrifice

from the stormy clouds I saw
your kindness to those in need
from the rising sun I saw
your campaign for equity

from the golden throne I saw
your burning passion soar
from the ground by you I saw
you beaten to the floor

what is this I see?
tears like raindrops on your cheek
crying as I recount your days?
just breathe and listen to me

I’ll help you escape, don’t worry
the sentence will not end
your morning chains will rot like wood
and let you run free then

head in the direction of the rising sun
soon you’ll reach a farm
the land is my eternal gift as long
as you stay true to who you are

I’ll send you water for your crops
and merchants will pass by
with one of them you’ll fall in love
and I’ll even give you children

on this day you thought you’d die
instead I’ll repay you all your life
because those who would kill may not see it yet
but our nation,
our world,
needs more like you.

Let’s Go Again

a child born beneath the stars
a sapling reaching for the sky
a sparrow learning how to fly
a whale taking its first dive

the world is beautiful, can’t you see?

“no,” you’ll say, and you’ll show me death
you’ll show me all your suffering and pain
all the tragedies and hard-won gains
“none of this was worth it…”

are you really so sure?

on your deathbed you’ll whisper to me
“I wish I had not lived…”
but don’t lie to yourself, love
just open your eyes and see

have you seen the other side?

humanity wasn’t fair to you
and unfortunately you were human too
but you spent your life learning,
and found how to love

was that not worth it in the end?

the moments of happiness
the moments of new life
the dependable season
I never failed you, did I?

tell me I failed you, and we’ll do it all again.

amber skies tomorrow

in the depths of night,
in the shadowed gray
the season’s cool first rain
will herald a new day

you think you’re in trouble,
you think you’ve reached the end
but the night will soon be over
and soon your wounds will mend

there’s no reason for you to fear
the sun is going to rise
the colors of the sky you’ll see
will be your hard-won prize

time and time again we’ll fall
only to come back stronger
I’ll lift you up to your highest self
so that you will live longer

there is still hope for you and I,
I know you won’t believe me
but look, the moon is fading
and soon you will be free

soon you will be free…


you gazed at me silently,
your eyes reflecting the sky
blanketed with heavy gray clouds
the world was wet and shadowed.
standing in the downpour,
you suddenly started to cry
I gave you my umbrella
and we waited side-by-side.

I couldn’t see you…

I turned the rain into a game,
trying to make you happy
but we were both blind
at least, I was.
I didn’t realize the limits of my strength
the faults of my own power
what a costly mistake…
I’m sorry.

I couldn’t save you…

but I won’t do it again
to all others whom I love
I’ll take this and learn,
and move on again.
you won’t have lost for nothing
I won’t have lost you for nothing
I’ll prove that to you at least.
from here on, we begin anew.

Gifted in Disguise

all the things that weigh you down
the spirits gave to you –
look at them differently and then you’ll see
the gifts they are inside.

take my hand and follow me,
I’ll show you how to use them
to turn your suffering into art
and create your life anew.

the days are full of challenges, I know,
but everyone faces those –
I’ll show you how to ride the waves
because what else is there?
how else would you live?

all the things that weigh you down
the spirits gave to you –
moving forward, you are still,
and farther than you thought.

you’re gifted, after all.

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