From White Tiger

the look in your eyes…

the look in your eyes as you fell in my arms,
I can’t forget it…
as I held you in a loving embrace,
you slipped away from me
gazing into another world beyond me
and before I knew it
you were carried away by other hands
guided into a land I couldn’t know.

the person who did this to you,
I couldn’t stop them…
but I will, I promise I will
I’ll follow them to the ends of the earth!
until their eyes look the same as yours
until they feel the pain you felt
I’ll tear them apart!
and then, I’ll follow you.

you weren’t supposed to die
nothing about that day was right
but I’ll make it right!
I’ll restore the balance
holding you in my arms
holding your memory in my eyes
I’ll do whatever it takes.
just watch!

From Azure Dragon


you gazed at me silently,
your eyes reflecting the sky
blanketed with heavy gray clouds
the world was wet and shadowed.
standing in the downpour,
you suddenly started to cry
I gave you my umbrella
and we waited side-by-side.

I couldn’t see you…

I turned the rain into a game,
trying to make you happy
but we were both blind
at least, I was.
I didn’t realize the limits of my strength
the faults of my own power
what a costly mistake…
I’m sorry.

I couldn’t save you…

but I won’t do it again
to all others whom I love
I’ll take this and learn,
and move on again.
you won’t have lost for nothing
I won’t have lost you for nothing
I’ll prove that to you at least.
from here on, we begin anew.

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