From White Tiger

last eternal night

the sun sets against the blinding snow
the skies now turning gray
“the world is ending…”
but that’s okay
we were never meant to stay!

your life was neither short nor long
it’s simply time to go!
the stars are ready, calling you
and that’s really all I know
at least it’s not for show

you carried through with a genuine heart
loving your dear family
for them it will be rough sometimes
but soon they’ll really come to see
their tragic love has set them free

you won’t come back,
at least not here!
but where we are going,
you’ve no reason to fear
with me your demons won’t come near

the cold of the steel against your skin
I know it hurts, but after all
it’ll only last a second!
and if you just close your eyes and fall
I’ll catch you before you hit the wall

look up at the full moon high above
it’s beautiful tonight!
you’ll see this image for as long as you live
a guiding beacon of white light
a symbol of all that is just and right

now take my hand, let’s go
it’s time to go!
are you looking forward
to our journey from now on?
look at the moon and smile!

From Azure Dragon

amber skies tomorrow

in the depths of night,
in the shadowed gray
the season’s cool first rain
will herald a new day

you think you’re in trouble,
you think you’ve reached the end
but the night will soon be over
and soon your wounds will mend

there’s no reason for you to fear
the sun is going to rise
the colors of the sky you’ll see
will be your hard-won prize

time and time again we’ll fall
only to come back stronger
I’ll lift you up to your highest self
so that you will live longer

there is still hope for you and I,
I know you won’t believe me
but look, the moon is fading
and soon you will be free

soon you will be free…

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