From White Tiger

White Flowers

you felt that no one loved you,
you felt no one cared when you died
because society had put you out on the street!
and for what reason, to what end?
what other thoughts could exist?

you died and were buried within a day
and no one came to your funeral
your manager replaced you in less than an hour
and your coworkers didn’t care!
they didn’t even know your name!

your solitude in life was terrible
but in death you aren’t alone!
I’ll stay here with you now,
until the end of eternity someday,
crouched above your single grave.

the memories that people should have had,
the words they should have spoken
the white flowers they should have placed for you,
the love they should have given
you have none of it, but you have me!

so keep your head up, spirit traveler
you know you aren’t alone!
even in the coldest autumn winds,
against the most terrifying demons of the night,
I’ll be here watching, watching you.

just trust me and you’ll be alright!

From Azure Dragon

Let’s Go Again

a child born beneath the stars
a sapling reaching for the sky
a sparrow learning how to fly
a whale taking its first dive

the world is beautiful, can’t you see?

“no,” you’ll say, and you’ll show me death
you’ll show me all your suffering and pain
all the tragedies and hard-won gains
“none of this was worth it…”

are you really so sure?

on your deathbed you’ll whisper to me
“I wish I had not lived…”
but don’t lie to yourself, love
just open your eyes and see

have you seen the other side?

humanity wasn’t fair to you
and unfortunately you were human too
but you spent your life learning,
and found how to love

was that not worth it in the end?

the moments of happiness
the moments of new life
the dependable season
I never failed you, did I?

tell me I failed you, and we’ll do it all again.

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