From White Tiger

guardian spirit ~close your eyes~

responsible, I’m always responsible
for our life, don’t you know?
awake beneath a waning moon, the seconds ticking by
I yawn and smile over you

close your eyes, love
just take it easy now
let your fears melt into the darkness
‘cause I’m watching over you tonight

take my hand if you’re scared
let’s fight your demons now!
it’s nothing but an illusion
so break free, just look at me

looking over your shoulder, I
I’ll see you to tomorrow
it’s us that’s on the line, can’t you see?
it’s not just “you and me”

you’re afraid, I know
you think you can’t bear it
but I’ll show you, let me show you
what you can really do, let’s go!

so close your eyes, love
just take it easy now
let your fears melt into the darkness
‘cause I’m watching over you tonight

daydreams and nightmares, spirits and gods
don’t try to fool me, come on!
I know what you’re really afraid of
you think you could lie to me?

there’s nothing you can hide
‘cause I understand you more than anyone
so let me take a guess right now
humanity and life, how close am I to right?

answer me with silence
that’s fine, I’ll still be here
I’ll tear your ghosts apart every night
we’ll never be alone

so close your eyes, love
take it easy now
let your fears melt into the darkness
‘cause I’m watching over you tonight

I’m watching over you…

From Azure Dragon

Angel’s Payment

you’ve no need to worry
trust in my words, that’s all
I’m the strongest being on the planet
who could rival me?

besides, you’ve done good deeds
it’s not like the world is cruel
ruled by a balance just and fair
you’ll be rewarded. trust me.

from afar I’m always watching
I know everything you’ve done
now let’s look back and see
what it is you’ve earned, shall we?

from the beautiful city I saw
the way you served your love
from the waterfall I saw
your daily sacrifice

from the stormy clouds I saw
your kindness to those in need
from the rising sun I saw
your campaign for equity

from the golden throne I saw
your burning passion soar
from the ground by you I saw
you beaten to the floor

what is this I see?
tears like raindrops on your cheek
crying as I recount your days?
just breathe and listen to me

I’ll help you escape, don’t worry
the sentence will not end
your morning chains will rot like wood
and let you run free then

head in the direction of the rising sun
soon you’ll reach a farm
the land is my eternal gift as long
as you stay true to who you are

I’ll send you water for your crops
and merchants will pass by
with one of them you’ll fall in love
and I’ll even give you children

on this day you thought you’d die
instead I’ll repay you all your life
because those who would kill may not see it yet
but our nation,
our world,
needs more like you.

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