Entry #8 – Global Climate Strike,「DOUBLE-SIDED」Release Announcement

Hi everyone! Kohaku here. I hope you all had a great week.

I heard about the severe damage caused by Typhoon Faxai in Chiba Prefecture. Hundreds of thousands of people are still without running water and electricity. To everyone affected, I pray the recovery will be swift. Please take care of yourselves and each other as well as you can.

Has everyone heard about the Global Climate Strike? It’s starting on September 20th. WordPress has made it easy for bloggers and site owners to participate digitally. I’m really grateful. Of course, we can’t limit ourselves to digital action, but it’s important to use the internet to spread the word. Everyone, if you can, please look up and join your local climate strike!

On to LAK news…

Paired poetry compilation 「DOUBLE-SIDED」to be released this week!

This compilation is composed of two smaller compilations entitled White Tiger and Azure Dragon. Each poem from one is paired with a poem from the other, and they can be read together as a set. White Tiger and Azure Dragon can also be read separately.

Here is the posting schedule:

  • Monday, Sept. 16 – 6am PST
    • 「DOUBLE-SIDED」Preface
    • 「DOUBLE-SIDED」Set 1
  • Tuesday, Sept. 17 – 6am PST
    • 「DOUBLE-SIDED」Set 2
  • Wednesday, Sept. 18 – 6am PST
    • 「DOUBLE-SIDED」Set 3
  • Thursday, Sept. 19 – 6am PST
    • 「DOUBLE-SIDED」Set 4
  • Friday, Sept. 20 – 6am PST
    • 「DOUBLE-SIDED」Set 5
    • 「DOUBLE-SIDED」Set 6
  • Saturday, Sept. 21 – 6am PST
    • White Tiger Full
    • Azure Dragon Full

Everyone, please look forward to it, and let me know what you think at the end!

This week, join the Global Climate Strike if you can. If you can’t, find other ways to show your support. Climate change is not a political issue, and it is not someone else’s problem. If we all stand up together, we still have the power to save the world.

Take care of yourself!


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