Zuihitsu #33

We spend our lives
Trying to be true to our hearts
Trying to be ourselves
Trying to not let our thoughts and actions
Be influenced by someone else –
And yet isn’t it a fact of life
That we all influence each other?

We spend our lives
Trying not to put on a facade
Trying to be genuine
Trying to stop playing a social role
As in a movie or theater –
And yet isn’t it true
That there are some roles we cannot live without?

We spend our lives
Pursuing the meaning of our existence
Searching for humanity’s true nature
Agonizing over our purpose here on this earth
So that we can truly learn how to live –
And yet isn’t it often overlooked
That we should also know how to die?

Open your heart, I say –
Accept all the things that come to you
All the feelings
All the actions
All the thoughts
However contradictory they may be;
Bring them into balance,
Return them to the world around you,
And just live.

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