Zuihitsu #32

A world – ravaged by fire and flood,
Filled with man-made toxins,
Destroyed by storms and acid rain.

A world – without natural wonders,
Without a single green forest to walk in,
Without a single white waterfall to breathe under.

A world – without the millions of creatures
That used to call it home,
Creatures of every color and size and shape.

A world – torn apart by poverty and failure,
Where only the rich can afford what little there is left,
Where violence is used to ensure survival.

A world – destroyed at the hands of man,
Ruined by our greed and arrogance,
By the tragic flaws of humanity.

This is not a world in which I want to live,
And it is not a world our innocent children deserve.
So why do parents, adults, fail to do anything about it?

To the older generations I say:
You do not own this world.
You are borrowing it – from us.

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