Up, I raise my face to the sky –
Down, I touch my toes to the ground;
Up, I cry out to this crazy world –
Down, I embrace its tragedies and drown.

Day after day I seat myself
High on the playground swings –
Going up and down,
Up and down to eternity.

And yet…



Day after day I swing alone
Alone, because this is my life –
My life and no one else’s –
But all I feel is this empty space around me.



Deep inside I know I will tire,
I can’t make it on my own.
The swing will cease its endless rhythm –
I will fall into the sand, unless…



I close my eyes; I feel the hand on my back
I feel the sunlight lift me up in a warm embrace
I hear the familiar laughter of my old friend –
And I go up and down, up and down to eternity.

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