Stop the Killing







Stop the killing,
Stop the hate.
Stop the burning,
Stop the rape.
Stop the firebombs,
And all the nukes –
Stop destroying,
Instead create.
I’m tired of your justifications.
Why do you go to war?
Why do you kill?
For money, for fame, for reputation or power,
Or because violence just feels good.
Because we must show them our strength,
Because they don’t live the way we do,
Because we fear the differences between us,
Because difference is bad.
Really? What’s so bad about it?
I ask you this –
Of all the things you have named and more,
Is anything more valuable than human life?
War only creates endless tragedy –
And all for what?
Is anything truly worth such suffering,
Brought about by our own hands?
Why is humanity so inhumane?
I look around me,
Trying to find a point of comparison.
But what other species is there
That is so hell-bent on destroying itself?

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