Issues I Have With Grades

Hi, welcome to my rant! Here are some things I don’t like about junior high/high school methods of grading student work.

  • arbitrary grading standards
  • grading someone’s lecture notes, when everybody takes notes differently and one method of note-taking doesn’t work for all
  • grading creativity or artistry
  • dropping a grade but not allowing the student to see what made them drop
  • grading an assignment down without being able to say exactly what was wrong with it
  • grading an assignment down without giving constructive feedback on what should be improved
  • automatically not believing the student when they say the teacher made a grading mistake or lost their work
  • not allowing students to petition a grade when they believe they have been unfairly marked down
  • grading every single student on the same standard
  • grading oral participation, when some students may not feel comfortable or safe participating with a particular teacher/class/classmate
  • posting grades attached to student names publicly
  • handing back tests in order of best-worst scores
  • no-exceptions policies on late work
  • group projects having one single group grade, with no evaluation of individual effort/contributions
  • not allowing students to grade themselves or explain what grade they believe they deserved
  • grades that supposedly reflect actual student effort, but do not
  • judging a student’s worth or character based on their grades

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