Zuihitsu #27

Like droplets of morning dew
Like the heavy mountain rain –
I raise my hands to catch it,
Feel it caress me gently
And I watch
As it slides down my fingers and falls away.

I rage in my head,
I touch my hands to my heart, I
Scream in anguish
Over the moment I have just lost,
This one singular moment –
A moment I can never have again
Full of emotions I will never feel
An experience that I can’t get back.

But as soon as I am done screaming, as soon as my voice gives, as soon as the fog clears I can see, I tell myself – this is not how you should live.

Do not wallow in anguish over lost time, because you are simply allowing yourself to lose more of it.

The seconds, minutes, hours of pain and regret – you won’t get those back, either.

Feel your emotions, embrace them tightly – and then let them go, empty your arms to make room for the next feeling
the next experience
the next shard of glass
the next droplet of rain
the next fragment of a memory waiting to be born

Because time passes –

With or without you –

And it is all we can do in the end to keep moving forward.

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